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Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Sunday Visit

Our Sunday visits are always interesting but I love the photos I got yesterday. The unspoken "talk" between mom and Darcy. The book reading that Jeremiah is sharing with Uncle Michael is precious...Jeremiah has really taken to books now. All 3 little ones love their Uncle Michael and I'm not sure he knows what to make of it all. He is so serious and they are not. And they are loud and will make SURE they have your attention. Jeremiah kept throwing books at him wanting him to read. Michael didn't get the hint until finally Jeremiah just crawled into his lap and opened the book. I had to read about 4 books to Darcy and Jacob as well. (It was a bit hard to photograph that..). I'm glad we have books. Of course Darcy WANTED to fingerpaint but I convinced her we'd do that another day.


Emily said...

Her shoes are so cute. Sierra bought a pair at Children's Place very similar to those a couple days ago!

Jodi said...

Nice family photos and yes those are great shoes Darcy has!

De'Etta said...

Great photos.