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Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Post from Aslan - ENOUGH OF

It was the last day of class. I knew it would
be hopeless to try to cram in a last minute lecture.
And all the lab equipment had already been packed
up making it difficult to do experiments.
So we played. Okay, I justified it by stating
"For every action, there is an equal but opposite
reaction" but the teens just wanted to see who
could shoot the rocket further. Thank goodness
the "rocket" came with 3 cones. Two are now
on top of the school roof.

Thanks Nick, Bethany, Ian, Andrew, Taylor and
Spencer for a great Chemistry year!

Friday, May 11, 2007

The challenge on the homeschool list was to
dispel myths about your state.
I thought I'd just tell folks what Birmingham
is like (but we do try to keep it somewhat of
a secret as we don't want ALL the Yankees to
move here!).

Yes, that is Vulcan - the world's largest cast
iron statue and the symbol for the steel
industry in Birmingham.

Birmingham is called the Magic City as it
literally appeared from almost nowhere
sometime after the War of Northern Aggression.
The only thing in Birmingham (not a city then)
during this war was a few cannon ball making
sites (that the Yankees destroyed and are now
park sites. Complete with annual re-enactments
of said battles).

Of course the only thing MOST people know
about Birmingham is the police dogs of the
sixties. And yes, I do remember that (I
was in the 3rd grade and about the same
age as the girls who were killed in the
bombing of the church. I was horrified
then and still am. BUT we have moved on!)

Birmingham is set in the foothills of
the Appalachian mountains so we are
surrounded by small mountains and
the city itself is in a valley. Which
makes it bad for smog. But I live
on the the other side of the mountain
now - grew up in the city however.

We DO have distinct Southern accents
here. And we do our tea iced and
sweet. We love everything fried.
And yes, we love greens - collards,
turnip and even mustard. All done with
bacon grease of course.

Southern Living magazine is a must
subscription here. It is published
in Birmingham.

We are about 4 hours from the beach
and 4 hours from the mountains and
4 hours from Atlanta too.

You are either for Alabama or Auburn.
There are no other choices.
A mixed marriage in this state means
mixed Alabama/Auburn fans and can get
quite hot around time for the annual
Iron Bowl. (War Eagle!)

It very, very rarely snows here. IF there is
a hint of the "s" word mentioned on the news
everyone - and I mean everyone - runs to the
grocery store and stocks up on milk and bread.
I've yet to figure out why! BUT we CANNOT
drive in ice or snow. SO beware if you are
visiting during a rare snow burst!

It does get HOT in the summer here. We have
air conditioning. Thank you God for that!

We love our flowers - almost everyone has at
least azaleas in their yards. I also love
my hydrangeas (blue).

We have nearby museums in Huntsville (Space),
Birmingham (Civil Rights, McWane Science Center),
Mobile (U.S.S. Alabama). I know I'm leaving
a ton out.

We DO have paved roads and we are in the 21st
century (though I know some books still have
us with dirt roads and lack of civilization.
If you've read Frank Peretti's "House" - I have
no idea where he got THOSE ideas!).

Of course we have problems too. Education
is still in the dark ages here but homeschooling
makes up for it.