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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve at the Hill House

Every year my side gathers at my parent's house for Christmas Eve gift giving
and dinner. Now we only bring gifts for the great grand children (7 now, soon to
be 8 but of course 4 of those are Matthew and Nicoles. Erin and Coy didn't make
it this year because she is very pregnant.). Darcy spent a lot of time telling Eli,
age 2, about things - like those were not all his gifts. Things SHE has recently
learned LOL....it was so fun to listen to.
Mother put the bowl of chex mix on her coffee table just for the kids
and boy did the twins appreciate that. They appreciate ALL food and dove
into it.
Next year we will put the sweets out of the reach of Darcy and the others
as she would NOT eat anything but Fudge, cookies and Divinity. Why eat
vegetables when you have chocolate right there within hand reach!
It was fun...


De'Etta said...

Did you know that celery dipped in a chocolate fountain is really the only way to eat celery? LOL

Jodi said...

You mean we're supposed to eat something other than chocolate on Christmas??????