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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Bacterial Flagellum

Many (not all) bacteria get around by means of a "outboard motor" which we call a "flagellum".
(see picture). It has 3 parts - a filament, a hook and a basal body (only my Biology class will be
expected to know this!). Darwin had no idea this existed by the way - nor did he know about any of the structures in the cell - it was a simple cell to him with no parts as far as he knew. There is nothing simple about a cell as we know today. The question - could this have evolved?

(Going to Youtube you get a lot of videos of the flagellum in action complete with the evolutionists using 4 letter words to describe how incredibly stupid anyone would be to believe in intelligent design and some showing - in slow detail how this could have evolved step by step. Like legos. I know how the chemicals fit together. But I also know I can sit my chemicals out on the counter in my class for Chemistry and wait until doomsday and the experiment is NOT going to happen on its own..but I digress..). But I also do not like the creationist's videos that get super excited if they know nothing about the evolution point of view (so educate yourselves). (Always be prepared to give an answer..apologia..). I had nothing to do with the creation or invention of the flagellum (ha! I bet you didn't know that) but I know Who did. And He's the only one who will ultimately be able to explain all of Creation. It's all pretty incredible.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Amy's Book on my Dad's Tall Tales/and more

Book on left here is not the "Paw Paw" book but I wanted to include another of her works. Book Arts is an art - from the paper making to the book binding and a lot of things about which I know nothing. I just know I look at this one book and tear up a bit. I included the photo I'm glad I took about 2 years? ago know shortly before Daddy could no longer eat - he is no doubt offering Amy "advice". Once we finally got across to him why we wanted him to re-tell some of his stories near the end of his life he was very happy. Fortunately we had heard the stories so many times we really didn't need to hear them again because he wasn't really up to the re-telling but he knew Amy was writing them down. (He was also happy to hear Matthew come play for him on his Banjo.). Memories......One day we'll talk about these times again...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dissecting Owl Pellets

I normally teach High Schoolers so when asked to sub teach the 3rd and 4th graders and then the teacher told me her class would be doing "owl pellets" I thought "oookay..."...
I had to start reading on "owls..". It was fascinating.
I brought in my latex gloves in case I had any kids who freaked at the thought of touching
the pellets and as you see at first they did but not for long. All 3 (several were absent due
to "flu") got to do two pellets each. And they REALLY got into it. An owl pellet is the regurgitated remains of the owl's meal. It is what is NOT used by the owl - i.e. the fur/feathers
and bones of whatever the bird ate last. (What I purchased - and since *I* do the purchasing
for our school I bought these! - were sterilized. Some you can buy are not so buyer beware.
Frankly if I were dissecting unsterilized pellets I do think I might wear gloves. I am paranoid
like that.). We found LOTS of bones (see photo of plate - that is from 6 pellets.).
I had charts of bones and had the children try to match up bones and it was obvious most were
mice bones but at least one matched perfected with a shrew.
I also read them a story on owls and we talked about the many types of owls (19 in the U.S. -
over 150 worldwide). They have 14 neck bones so they can turn their necks almost all the way
around (but not completely). Their eyes are loaded with rods so they see very well at night - so they hunt at night. Their feathers are coated with a special oil so they can fly almost completely
silently - the mice never hear them coming. I learned as much - no, more, than the children

Making Slime with 3rd and 4th Graders

Cornstarch and Water (always fun and easy)
and then Polyvinyl alcohol and saturated solution of borax (a bit trickier but really fun as the photo of the little boy shows!)