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Saturday, December 01, 2007


Amy did this collection a few years back. Its in an old window from
the Brock store from years ago. She backed it with fabric and did a
collage of photographs and memories. Top photos are mostly Matthew.
Bottom are Amy and Michael. Other family members are interspersed

I love the photo of Matthew with his apple - about 3 years of age.
I love remembering our Cub Scout weekend - me and Micheal, canoeing
and horseback riding.
I love Amy and her faces (many of which Michael spent much time teaching
her to do!). And her Prom photo.
I love seeing the boys with the Hurstell boys - all grown now. Where did
the time go??
One day I'll have to do one of these for the grandchildren.
Thank you Amy. (When I took the photo of Dad's Christmas Creation
I once more remembered and had to take a photo of the window pane as
smiles, Mama


De'Etta said...

This is so COOL! Stupid word - this is touching, incredibly sentimental...I would love to do something like this - but the fact that the window came from the Brock store makes it so special....

Emily said...

What a fantastic idea!

Cynthia said...

I LOVE this idea. It's WAY COOL!