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Saturday, January 05, 2008

This and That

I babysat again the other day. I read "Madeline" to Darcy - five times.
She asked a LOT of questions. And I'm sure she will be asking her daddy
to put one of those nice cranks (old hospital bed cranks if you haven't read
the book in some time) on her bed as she thought that was a really neat idea.
"Why are all the other girls afraid of the lion?" "Are you afraid of lions, Darcy?"
"No - we need to go to the zoo" (Yes we do when it warms up).
"What did the doctor do with her appendix".
"He threw it away"
"In his doctor's trash can?"
"Yes, Darcy"

Not the sort of questions I would have thought of (like why is the nun dressed so
differently). I shall take more Madeline books next visit. This could be fun.

Later I went to the Thrift Store only to discover they had let the new book stocker
go (she actually "quit" but I'm sure it was under duress). I knew she wouldn't last.
She was much too intelligent for that store. Imagine wanting to keep the
educational books! That visit and once more yesterday are the only 2 times I've
been in since she's been gone. Both times the floor manager has come up to me
to express how great the new book stocker is. (They know I'm one of the best
book customers and they know I liked the former stocker.). Well, I've said
absolutely nothing to the floor managers each time but the cashiers say it all.
They've snorted each time the managers walk off.
I've met the new stocker (once). She's mexican. Now I have nothing against the
hispanics but she speaks no English. I'm wondering how on earth she is going
to stock English title books. Neatly I guess. And with no flack back to the

I shall be driving to Midfield where they actually care about books more often.
It's 30 miles but worth the drive.


Emily said...

I find this to be a problem here in Florida when you are in a department store and the sales clerks ask you if need help in Spanish . . I am married to a hispanic . .but I think if you are going to work in the US you need to speak English! Just my two cents!

Cynthia said...

I'm also not against foreign languages, but I think one should definitely know English if you live and work here.