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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Twins Corralled

How does one take photos of two 16 month old very active little boys? Well,
as I babysat today and there sat an empty dirty clothes hamper - I found my
answer. I worked for 6 photos before they started trying to climb out.
Jacob on the left, Jeremiah on the right..
At lunch I fixed fresh peaches and Darcy announced we were going to have
a "party in our tummies" - now where has she heard this!?
smiles, Chris

Friday, August 24, 2007

Aslan Guarding the House

I wish I could feel safe but right now he's cowering at my feet because it's thundering outside. Oh well. He keeps the other tomcats away. Sometimes. Chris

Crime Scene Chemistry

If you read "The Joy of Chemistry" by the same
authors (I know you did - by the pool
last summer, right??) and liked
it, you'll enjoy this new book as well.
Or if you are doing Forensic Science
this year - you NEED this book! LOTS of
hands on science in this one. And the
authors tell you where to get the stuff you
need for the experiments and they are not
goofy experiments - they are very good
experiments. I used quite a few of
"The Joy of Chemistry" experiments in both
my Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry classes last year and
I'll be trying a few of these this year. This is real life science and
the kids always like having practical applications to "science" stuff.
Not to mention that CSI is still popular (even though I'm not sure anyone
under say 80 should be watching it. No, I take that back.
When my MIL watches with me and wants me to explain
what a certain character has done or is doing and I get embarrassed well...okay...um...sometimes I'm grateful her seeing isn't so good.
I DO like the science on the show. Really. And I do hope Sara is alive.
Okay you have to have watched the last show of last season to know
what I'm talking about now..)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chemistry Year is starting soon

Rumors of the danger in my classes have been greatly exaggerated. I'm sure nothing bad will happen this year. And I have my fire extinguisher at all times just in case. Chris aka Pax

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hide and Seek - Doesn't Turn Out So Well

When I was 5 I played Hide and Go seek with the neighborhood boys (I say boys because I happened to be the only girl in the neighborhood and was sort of forced to become a tomboy. I took to the role quite well). My grandmother (who took care of us) had a next door neighbor (friend Michael's mom) that had one of those big brick BBQ pits you used to see with a big brick chimney. I decided that might be a great hiding place and climbed down into the chimney. Yep, you guessed it. I got stuck. They had to tear down the chimney brick by brick to get me out. I was NOT happy and if I recall neither was anyone else. Fortunately back in those days no one had wonderful digital cameras to record such events with. So now it looks like my granddaughter is following in my footsteps. Should I tell my DIL about the time I led the boys on a tour of the underground sewers of Birmingham? Nah...
Chris aka Pax

Nova - Auburn's Newest Star War Eagle VII

He's beautiful isn't he! War Eagle....

Tiger has retired (War Eagle VI)..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Jeremiah - I love the Camera

Whenever I babysit and get my camera out Jeremiah immediately
starts posing for photos. Not so
with the other grandchildren but
I can count on Jeremiah for smiles.
It's hard to get pictures of anyone
else as he is so busy posing but he
is so fun doing it too...

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Finished Panel

It's very hard to read but there are quotes from the book "Out of the Cottonfields and
Into the Classroom" by Dr. Horace Danner. The backing and white paper were all
made by Amy. Printing was done in Huntsville and Montevallo. Final printing was
done in Atlanta. smiles, Pax (And I'm sure she'll correct me if I have some of this

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Collecting OLD bottles

Long ago, before I really had considered Pharmacy as a career, my dad and I took up bottle collecting as a "hobby". (I think I was the only one of the kids interested.). He found the sites and I went with him to dig. They were really old garbage dumps but after 50 years or so everything has rotted except for glass. It was like treasure hunting and we found a lot of OLD bottles. I tell MY kids that is what they will inherit. I really liked finding a bottle with a label which was REALLY rare. (The ones in boxes are from old stores I've worked in - I did not dig those up!). The most valuable bottle I have (I think) is a brown Pepsi Cola bottle. But my most prized bottles are the drug store/medicinal bottles. That long thin bottle is a tinc. of opium bottle from the turn of the century era. They are fairly common. In fact the brown bottle on the top shelf, to the far left with the label, contains tinc. of opium as well. It was a common
ingredient in many medicines.
Lydia Pinkham's Curative Syrup for Women's ailments
contained it. It was a best seller. Many baby's teething
syrups contained it (or cocaine).Coca-cola originally
contained cocaine (hence the name). When the Food
and Drug laws were pasted all those wonderful
old medicines were taken off the market.
Listerine is about the only product to survive.
(It's okay...really!). Now, many of them like
Dr. Thatcher's, were variations of laxatives
to clean the blood by cleaning the ...oh never
I have to wonder what was in the many
"eye water" bottles I have.
I now have all of daddy's bottles too.
I'll have to take some photos
of them and post as well...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Methodist Church in Elamville

This is what is left of the old church in Amy's picture. It was the Brock
family church.

Paper Art

Amy has been interning with Georgia Tech at
their Paper Making Museum (http://www.ipst.gatech.edu/amp/) this summer.
She recently has been presented the opportunity
to make an art piece to enter in a traveling exhibit
with Kyoko Ibe who currently has pieces on
exhibit in Atlanta.
She made the paper (all of it) above and has
done the art and prints (above prints are not
yet finished). She is basing the work on a book
by a relative of ours, Dr. Horace Danner "Out
of the Cotton Fields and Into the Classroom" and
it will include quotes from his book. (See Amazon.com
for his book). The church and cotton and oak tree are
all from Elamville AL - homeplace of the Brocks and
Danners. Paper is dyed with red clay.
I'm a scientist type. My daughter is clearly an
artist type. God has a sense of humor!

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Haisten Drug Store

From Baxley, GA we moved to Trussville, AL
a suburb of Birmingham (home actually). I found
a wonderful part time job and a wonderful sitter
for my two boys. Don and Betty Haisten owned
the local independent downtown drugstore and
needed a part time helper. I loved working for
them from about 1981 until 1985. (Actually Michael
was born while I was working for them.).
Don and Betty were both Auburn grads (like myself)
and later bought Toomer's Drugs in Auburn.

I was immediately accepted at Haisten's. I loved
working there (well, I had my car stolen out of
the parking lot one day but that was hardly
the fault of anyone there! It was recovered
two weeks later in North Birmingham minus
it's wheels..). We serviced a nursing home so
I learned a great deal of compassion for those
there as I delivered the medicines. Trussville
was still a small town when we lived there. It
has since boomed and grown.

When I found myself pregnant with Amy, we also
got the news that Duane was being transferred
to Atlanta for a few years. Shortly after she
was born we moved to Duluth (suburb of
Atlanta) so next job was there.

Don Haisten passed away from liver cancer
in July of 2006. He was in his 50's and his
3 daughters, while grown, were still young.
I know his children and Betty will miss him
and I know the entire town of Trussville will
continue to miss him. Betty has sold
the store. I miss him though I had not
seen him in a while (last was at an Auburn
game at Toomer's Drugs).
War Eagle! Pax