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Friday, December 21, 2007

Grandcat and Darcy too

It's SO hard to wait for Christmas....and so tempting when all those gifts
are wrapped and under the tree (and you think they might be all for you...)

But I tried to keep Darcy busy while Papa D and Jessica baked cookies today.
MaryAnn, the cat, and Darcy and I painted some more masterpieces and then
we played with something called "Moonsand". It was sort of fun and certainly
different. I would never have had this stuff in my house when my kids were
little though. It is now all over my kitchen floor even though I kept saying,
"Keep it on the paper". I have no photos as I didn't dare move to take photos.
I was too busy trying to keep the sand ON the table. So now we fingerpaint and
play with sand. I'm on my way to becoming the favorite grandparent.
However it was SO funny - while she was painting and I was basically minding
my own business - out of the blue- Darcy says, "CC, You are getting on my
nerves." Calmly, no emotion. Just matter of fact. Didn't even pause painting.
I said, "Oh really and where did you hear that?" She shrugged and continued
painting. Jessica was blushing so I didn't have to guess.

And Aslan still is avoiding MaryAnn who is really a pretty cat.


De'Etta said...

Oh good - a photo of your grandcat....pretty cat and gorgeous little granddaughter! LOL

Jodi said...

MaryAnn is certainly cute but I feel for Aslan!

Don't worry moon sand can be vacummed up, BTDT. LOL A good idea is to have a rubbermaid bin for it like a mini sandbox.

Oh dear about Darcy's comment!!