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Monday, July 28, 2008

Visiting the Science Museum

I decided it was time to take Darcy to the Science Museum and off we went.
Jessica helped (she had been before and I think she enjoys it too). She was in wonder right off the bat! There are 4 floors of exhibits and I think we saw almost everything - two exhibits are just for children five and under but she was as enchanted with the exhibits for older kids. She REALLY wanted to build a robotic racing car but that was for much older kids (I wasn't sure *I* could do that one!).
We explored electromagnetic waves, gears, pulleys, water, mirrors, sound, the aquarium (albeit it is rather small), and oh so much more. I'll post the wonderful art type things tomorrow. They are new and were a blast to play with.
I THOUGHT the Dinosaur exhibits might scare her but not so. They just weren't as interesting to her as you couldn't actually TOUCH the bones or climb on them.
I was worn out by the time we left.
I bought all of them a Marble race game before we left, thinking the twins would like it too - and as you can see by the photos I was right. They loved it!


Southern Belle said...

Awe! Fun Memories! One of our favorite places to go is the McWane Center. The boys still ask to go back.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

How fun to catch Rita in the background....and is one of the boys putting a marble in his mouth? Zander can tell him all about what happens when you swallow them if you'd like. ::snort::