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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The "art" of McWane

The "butterflies" were animations - and the only stopped moving if you were very still. You must hold your position for at least one or two minutes before the butterflies would begin to land. It was a bit difficult to photograph and I had to play with the camera settings but they were beautiful.

Then the old push the pins in and make a sort of picture....only at McWane they had whole big boards of them. LOTS of boards of them. Most people were just making
hand prints. We got a bit more creative and before we knew it more and more people were also making "face prints" and then decorating them. The results were a bit weird to say the least (that's me with the glasses - I deliberately opened my mouth and smiled when I did my "face" - then Jessica later added "hair" to my portrait.).
I even found people studying our "art" as if it were a museum piece LOL.

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Jodi said...

The push pin ones look so fun.