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Friday, July 18, 2008

Jessica is Thirteen!

Wow! I have a teenage granddaughter now. She has been with us today as
Amy and I have done some wedding stuff and also some baby shower stuff for
one of Amy's friends for tomorrow. It's been nice having her along. She is
such a sweetheart. Her sister and brothers love her and when she is gone they
miss her a bunch and let her know as soon as she gets home too!

We had her cake last night with the kids all here. (Ice Cream cake from Stone
Cold Creamery - with Oreos on top which attracted the littles attention immediately!).

Jessica cut the cake and Darcy noticed after she got her slice that "hey my slice
is not nearly as big as Daddy's slice!" and she wanted to swap with Daddy. That
didn't work and she didn't understand why not!

They played outside a bit but I think the twins were more interested in eating more
"snacks" - this time a code word for oreo cake I think.

We also had to Paint (a given everytime Darcy comes over) only this time Jacob joined us. I could not convince him that he didn't want to paint so I gave up and let him try. He was happy to paint a strip and shout "I did it". After about 5 stripes he quit and hopped down. Darcy painted until we ran out of paint.

Fun again - I was tired when they left but a fun tired.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Wow - 13 already! She's gorgeous, Chris.

Linda said...

She's beautiful, Chris. What a really neat family your kids are growing!