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Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Visit from the Twins

Duane has built a slide for them in the backyard and it was a hit for
a little while. Tiny (our Newfoundland mix) really wanted to play with
the boys and I think the feeling was mutual. Jacob is a "cookie" monster
but only eats the cream from the middle and just hangs on to the outside
parts until they finally crumble away (you can see him holding onto them
as he tries to slide). Jeremiah is the "thinker" and you can almost feel
him trying to plan out the best way to slide. He has now figured out how
to undo the "child-proof" locks on the cabinets. While Jacob is entertaining
us with some show, Jeremiah is certainly taking something apart or
experimenting somehow! These two will be a matched pair for sure.
Then they sat and worked together on what we all do best here - books!


Jodi said...

Cute grandkid pictures! The twins always look so well dressed, super cute.

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Oh - they are getting so big. Did you have just the twins or Darcy and Jessica too?

The slide in the backyard is great - I can't wait to have grandkids.....well I CAN wait....but I need a baby fix and all my friends are telling me to hold out for grandkids. ::snort::