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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Babysitting for the Weekend

We had all 3 grandkids from Friday afternoon until just moments ago. I'm tired
but we had fun.
Thanks to Rachel for the Pudding Paint tip - I think we ate more than we painted with it though. They make fairly decent frozen pudding pops too. After I moved that mess out of the way I showed Darcy how to make Corn Starch slime (which is sort of edible but not desirable). It was a hit!

The boys and Jessica had been in the living room with Papa D playing with the new blocks. Then Amy called sometime around that time to tell me that her Matthew's parents would be visiting next weekend. All I could think was "oh great...I hope they like early childhood decor!"

I cleaned the dining room (where all Amy's wedding presents are stored) JUST a tad
and Darcy discovered the JOYS of popping bubble wraps ALL TOO WELL. It sounded a bit like machine guns going off for a while at our house. Good thing no one was trying to sleep.

Photos of our McWane Science Center visit coming tomorrow.


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I bet grannie sleeps well tonight. LOL

Linda said...

I'd forgotten about pudding paint. Did it with Gerren when he was 4. I never thought of coloring it, though. We just used plain chocolate. The colors look much nicer!

Jodi said...

Not only Chris sleeping well I bet Aslan did too!

Fun times, if tiring.