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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Our Visit to the Montgomery Zoo

It was HOT HOT HOT but fun! The Montgomery zoo is very nice (a lot nicer
than the Birmingham zoo which is a pretty sad state of affairs. Birmingham
needs to quite fighting and just get busy and WORK on their affairs!).
Anyway we really enjoyed our trip! And the zoo had a lot of animals that
appeared to be in good health and well kept conditions.

The Chimps put on a show for us (I kept snapping photos but they were blurred
for the most part - too much movement and the camera kept focusing on the wire -
and not the chimps) but I have included a shot of the Twins watching the chimps. They were totally into the Chimps!

The Zoo has a baby Elephant and a baby Rhino (as well as a baby Chimp).
The Black Panther insisted on posing for photos (or he COULD have been scouting
out dinner - I'm not sure but I'm GLAD that fence was there!). He was so
beautiful. Even though the fence was there I still didn't get THAT close.
Ditto the White Tigers (but they were too regal to pose) - they stayed where
they were. I had to use the long range lens to get his photo.

About the time we gave up on the kangaroos coming out of the shade which was
far away, one decided to come see us. So I did get ONE photo of a kangaroo but
he/she didn't HOP over. It was more like a slow meandering over. It was TOO HOT
to hop!

Right before we left we passed the flamingos and two of them were putting on
quite a show. I have no idea if they were fighting or what. But it was
interesting. And I got a photo of that.

But the most interesting photos of the zoo, of course, was the grandkids.
And they enjoyed the waterfalls at the River Otter exhibit the most I think.
(I did too - did I mention it was HOT today!). Those River Otters know how to
live!. Well, the snakes have it pretty good in their air conditioned building

The kids were great the whole time and we even ate out afterwards at Cracker
Barrel. The Twins attracted the attention of the ladies working there and
were passed around a bit. (They are cute but then I'm a bit biased).
Everyone went home tired but happy.

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