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Monday, November 26, 2007

Thrift Store Story (2)

The Thrift Store here has a new Book stocker and I really like her. She
loves books and it shows and she is also a homeschool mom. She is the
first to work there to really listen to my suggestions. Unfortunately she is
NOT management. I think the management gets their skills from Dilbert
books. They have proper sections for every type book (just as a regular
book store would have) and the "romance" section always has 2 to 3 empty
shelves. Well, I suggested that she move the way overstocked fiction section
down to those shelves and expand the non-fiction "education" section - which
in this heavy "homeschool" area always is a popular section. She took it to
Management for approval and at first I thought they were going to go for
it. Until THE manager heard of it. NO - he managed to get the other 2 Thrift
stores in town to send their Harlequin Romance novels on over to our store
to fill our shelves. So the shelves are filled now.

Then a few days later she reports she had a 2 carts full of educational books
and no where to put them. The management told them to throw them away.
When she protested she was told to get over it, "They are JUST education books".
Yep we live in Alabama.

And people wonder why we Homeschool. I've thought of taking up Dumpster Diving
but I've been told they REALLY frown on that.

I'm just praying they keep this stocker. I'm SO tired of driving to Midfield where
they really stock the good books (for some reason).



Linda said...

Okay, Chris. You need to get her to call you the next time this happens! My goodness!

De'Etta said...

It's too bad they didn't give YOU the books that they thought were trash.

Southern Belle said...

AHHH! You are making me REALLY come over there! Oh and when you are on your way to Midfield (my favorite too) get you a few warm KK's! Can't resist! I really miss Peggy and Kay and so does the kids.

I would come over there, but my BF's father is on the downward slide with lung cancer (from asbestos) and she is in MS for a while.

See ya

Emily said...

I can't believe they would just have her trash them . . how sad!

Kathy in WA said...

My goodness! that is just crazy. How sad that they don't listen to her suggestions. I guess she can't make the changes on her own.

Nice that you have a relationship with her and have access to the good books yourself. :)