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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Plastic Rock (Physical Science)

Top - What is this?
Next- The girls get into it!
Third down - Hey, this works!
and last - the aftermath...that I had to clean up

Add water to cornstarch slowly until you get the right consistency.
It will be solid when you pick it up and roll it around but as soon
as you quit rolling it turns liquid and starts dripping downward.
The Earth acts this way underneath the mantle after an earthquake
in some places.


Berry Patch said...

I think I'm going to head south soon & take a science class or two with you! They look like a blast!! Um, no pun intended. ;-)

Berry Patch said...

And I just found out that they did this with the homeschool kids (my oldest was among them) at the MOPS group last Wednesday. He told me they played with "goo." :-)