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Sunday, November 25, 2007

More Thanksgiving photos

Grandma has Jeremiah in her lap (for a few moments anyway).
Michael is TRYING to read (he is learning about children and they LOVE
their Uncle Michael Michael).
Jacob now brings me "ooks" to read. Well, he kind of throws the book at
me and says, "OOK" and I get the hint. I pick him up and read the book.
Jeremiah will usually wander over and listen too. He did this time as

Now the most poignant photo is Amy. She is wearing my dad's old shirt.
He has lost SO much weight due to his go round with cancer of the esophagus
and he's been giving away his old clothes. Duane got his suits (and they
are very nice!). Matthew had his Mexican wedding shirts. They were laying
on the fireplace and Amy had picked one up and put it on. I had to take
the photo. I think she has claimed the shirts...

And the photo of Matthew (I didn't take this one). He and Nicole are
putting pjs on the twins. The twins are rather um, squirmy so this looks
more like a wrestling contest than a clothes change. I think whichever twin
this is, well - he seems to be enjoying it.

smiles, Chris

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