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Sunday, November 25, 2007


Darcy has on the new dress my mom (Nonny - her great grandmother) got her
for her birthday and I wanted Nonny to see it. She is pretty in it!

She sat on grandma's walker, which was just the right height, for Thanksgiving
Day. And her favorite food was the fruit salad and when she discovered
the cherries she hopped down and went around to everyone asking, "Are you
going to eat your cherries?" and of course they WEREN'T as they were going
to give them to Darcy to eat. It was so much fun because Amy used to do the
same thing. In fact Amy helped me make the fruit salad and her first question
was, "You did buy cherries didn't you?"

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De'Etta said...

Wow - what a bustling household you had. A huge blessing to have everyone home. Thanks for posting photos. Always fun to see the kids and grandkids.