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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Creating a Mild Controversy

Not so long ago now (around Easter) Darcy wanted to know about growing butterflies
so I got the idea of doing just that...and so we did. They are now flitting about in a netted
cage at our house. As my son and the family were coming to visit the other day Darcy
excitedly told them that CC and Papa D had "Painted Ladies at their house in a Cage".
WELL, that got their attention let me tell you!

These are "Painted Lady Butterflies"... (I think they might have been afraid I was letting
her watch CSI with me or something...LOL...okay I know they got the story of the butterflies
straight from Darcy before they arrived. I think. I hope...I think Hometrainingtools.com might want to reconsider the TYPE of caterpillars they sell though!)

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