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Sunday, May 24, 2009

At 22 years old, Daniel Wyatt died doing his job.

He did exactly what his government asked of him.
He put his life on hold, squared his affairs away and went into a theater of war.
He did not rescue any civilians, nor save the lives of any battle buddies.
He did not wipe out a bevy of the enemy, nor did he blow up a cache of hidden explosives.
He simply died when a remote controlled IED was set off.
There are no special medals, no books will ever be written about him, no one will be sitting in a movie theater someday, watching a picture done about his time in war.
Daniel, like millions of soldiers, sailors and Marines before him, simply went and did what was required of him.
He served his country in a time of need and died.

While America loves to embrace the hero, the person who, under unrelenting fire runs out to save a small child, another soldier, a mother and her baby, America has thousands upon thousands of heroes from every war who were just doing their jobs, who were just there doing what was expected, what was asked, serving when others were not. While we forever remember the words of the Thomas Jeffersons, Thomas Paine's or even the FDR's of our country, America was built on the bones of the unknown and unsung heroes of it's history. Those who heard their nation's call, answered and died, simply doing their jobs.

There are more Daniel Wyatt's in the world than there are Audie Murphy's or Sgt York's.

Please remember the unsung heroes of our nation.

You are who you are, because of them.

Posted with permission of Daniel's mother, Danette Wyatt, a fellow Army Mother but one
who gave her son. May we all remember every day (not just on Memorial Day) those who
serve and those who have served. And the families of those who have given all.

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