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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hubble Images

In Physical Science this module is on Astronomy and I always am in awe at the wonders of
the universe. (But if you go to hubblesite.org and type "eye of God" in the search engine
you will get no results. NASA has no imagination. That is "helix nebula" (NGC 7293 to be
precise). I note that it is okay to call NGC 2392 the "Eskimo Nebula though. sighs.
And I think the "eye" looks much more like an eye than the other does an eskimo though it
is lovely. Oh well.
The 3rd photo - I always love to show those and there are a multitude of those on the Hubble
site - is what is called a "deep field" shot. A wide angle photo shoot if you wish. Those are not stars - well, they ARE stars but not individual stars - those are GALAXIES. Each of those dots are individual galaxies. Care to try to figure out how many stars there might be? Me neither.
And every time Hubble does a deep field shot it finds more galaxies. Care to try to guess where
the end of the universe might be. Me neither.
Big universe. Bigger God.
smiles, Pax

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