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Friday, March 20, 2009

What Would You Do?

You are a pilot in the south of Africa. You fly with a number of medicines to a far away hospital, and take a short break for a fast lunch and a refreshing drink. It is over 100 degrees outside and you would really like to fly high in the air in your plane, where it is a bit cooler. Going to your plane you discover suddenly that the only place with shade in the full surroundings have been grabbed. You start calculate the distance to the door of your plane and you find yourself despairing - How do I get out of Africa?

(Photo from Kenya)


Berry Patch said...

Oh Chris! Thanks for that chuckle!! ;-)

whatexackley said...

I guess it was a good thing he shut the door and didn't leave that open whilst away from his plane. Always a silver lining!!!
Lis from SHS