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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Physical Science- Water Rocket Launch and Egg Launch Too

We are up to Newton's Laws and finally have great weather here! SO, to illustrate
Newton's 3rd Law and to enjoy the weather we launched water bottle rockets during
class time Weds. Varying the water height in the bottle varies the altitude the "rocket"
attains but all went pretty high.
The 2nd idea was one I had not tried before. You hold a raw egg on top of a bouncy ball
(I had a dodge ball - any big ball aka Basketball size should work). It must be directly atop
the bigger ball. And you must drop BOTH at the same time.
They hit - the bigger ball bounces back and so does the egg - only the egg has not
only it's bouncing power (such as it is) but it has the bouncy ball's power as well.
As you can see in the 2nd photo the boys are watching the egg but it is NOT in the photo -
it went way up (and then, of course, came down but I cleaned up the mess!).
We're going to repeat with a tennis ball and basketball next week (this is in illustration
of a 2 stage rocket. It is leading up to our end of the year Model Rocket launches!)

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