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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Praying for America

This election has me bothered more than any other I remember. And I have remember a lot of politics. It was always discussed in my growing up years and I devoured the newspaper - I was a weird kid I know.

But it is not the politics that is bothering me so much (well, it is but that is not
what is bothering me the most). I have never seen our great nation so divided.
And the division is heated and spitting mad. Hatred is brewing (BOTH sides!).
I do not see any good coming from this election no matter who wins.

I prayed last Tuesday in our Bible Study and was sincere when I did so for healing in our land. We need this more than anything else - along with revival and a turn to God. Oh sure we need financial stability and peace and a lot of other worldly things but most of all we need each other and we need God to head our lives.

A Nation divided against itself cannot stand. (I do not think that is original.)
While I don't think we are about to break out in another Civil War, I do think
the division is strong enough to divide friends and families if we let it.

Unless I missed something God is still Sovereign and still on His throne. He is still in charge and can change the course of empires and the hearts of kings (and Presidents).

IF his people pray and seek His face..


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Paula said...

We're praying.