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Sunday, October 05, 2008

More Science Experiments

In Apologia Chemistry text:

This one uses "The Works" drain cleaner which is composed in large part of
hydrochloric acid. (Vinegar will also work - acetic acid - just much much
slower.). That is the liquid you see in the jar. Use gloves when using this
stuff. It will burn! Carefully put your raw egg in the jar in the acid.
You'll see bubbles immediately forming as the calcium carbonate shell starts
coming off. (See the white foam? Some of that is soap suds but much is
the shell too.). After about 30-40 minutes I carefully spooned the egg out
(still wearing gloves) and went and washed it off. The egg membrane is intact
but the shell is completely gone. It is rubbery feeling and the kids are
always amazed. Great one to do at home. The photo of the egg is hard to do
to make it do justice afterwards but maybe you can tell there is no shell there.
It's one you really need to do yourselves!
Definitely shows a Chemical Change.

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