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Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Annual Check Up

I cannot bring myself to write of all the indignities done to me today.
It is an outrage what they do to cats every year in the name of "keeping us
healthy". And every single year the Doctor Vet tells me the same old thing -
I need to eat less....well, from what I see, she could stand to push away from
the old food bowl herself!

And spare me from telling me that "we ALL have to have check ups!". I never
see my humans coming home with these stupid cloth thingies around their necks!!!!

At least she did comb my fur with a nice brush. I love that.
But it wasn't worth the trip.


Cynthia said...


Berry Patch said...

((((hugs))) Aslan, I'm so sorry. You poor kitty! But hey, I do love the little "cloth thingie" & it's far more than I bring home from my annual. Trust me on that okay? ;-)