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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Making Bath Salts

I love making bath salts and soaps and even lotions. If it were not so expensive a hobby I might do more of it. So as it is I just do it for Christmas presents and to sell them at our ministry bazaar once a year.

I use Essential Oils I buy online at Wholesalesuppliesplus.com and they are of excellent quality. I have tried those you buy fairly cheaply at hobby stores and find they do not last as long - that is they do not hold the scent as long. Of course if you use the bath quickly that doesn't matter but if it sits for some time, you may open the jar or bag and find that it has no odor.

After using some today in my bath I may add just a bit more drops of oil next batch.
The jars smelled fairly strongly but the bath didn't seem that scented (it was nice enough though). It did soften the water though which around here is very needed as our water is very hard.

In mixing I mix the "oils" in one bowl and the powders in another (epsom salts, baking powder, sea salts - coarse grain, and this year I added a cup of Nutrasorb Milk Bath powder to each batch - it helps to retain the essential oils and is also nice in the bath water as well.) The oils include Sweet Almond Oil as the base, about a teaspoonful of Vitamin E oil, a few drops of coloring, and about 15 drops of the essential oil that I've chosen. I made 5 different types this year - Honey Almond, Peony (a soft fragrance), Nature's Rain (a clean smell), Lavander and Vanilla and a mix of Jasmine and Sandalwood that was nice.

I hope I haven't bored anyone reading but I really enjoy doing this every year and my kitchen certainly smells good for a week or so afterwards!


Cynthia said...

A couple of years ago I made some bath salts with the recipes you sent to the SHS loop. They were WONDERFUL!

Linda said...

Chris, can you send the exact recipes through the loop again. I'd love to try some of these salts, lotions and soaps!

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

I do think I may try this this year.