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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting the New AT&T U-Verse

So we "upgraded" and all went well - for one hour. Then it all quit (it was really simple to fix
but more on that later). So I called the number to get "help". The "computer" nice voice
answers and wants to know if I want English or...and I interrupt with "English". Then "In a few words, tell me what your problem is!" I reply "nothing works". "I'm sorry I did not understand that. Try "Internet is not connecting" or "TV is not connecting" or "telephone lines
are down" (see it's a package for all 3 things). I reply "TV AND INTERNET" (the phone is
fine). "I'm sorry, I didn't understand that. Are you having more than one problem?" "YES"
"Okay, make sure your connections are tight." (I had already done that. They were.).
I just waited. "Okay, reboot your Gateway and call back if that does not resolve the problem."

WAIT, What "gateway". Modem I know - what the heck is a "gateway" and where is it???

I call back. Get the same nice computer voice. This time I scream "ENGLISH" and get
a different set of questions??? It says "Are you a U-Verse customer?" I say, "Yes"
It says (it's a he btw) says, "Enter the 10 digit number from your bill" (Well, we just signed
on yesterday and believe it or not we have not yet received a bill so I don't HAVE a 10
digit number in front of me!). I say, "I do not have a 10 digit number". I get the same ole
answer. "I did not understand that." "Say I do not know my number" So I said that.
Then I said, "AGENT" (I was told long ago by a tech that would get someone live. They
must have changed that after I used it one too many times). The computer said, "I did
not understand that". I screamed. At that point it said, "I will get someone to assist you."
Ah ha. So screaming is the key. The PERSON who answered the phone got me reconnected
in mere minutes AND concluded the OUTSIDE lines still needed work so a technician will
be by this afternoon to work some more.

sighs, Pax


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Screaming is the key? Hmmm....

Renee said...

I DESPISE automated customer service; drives me absolutely batty