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Monday, January 28, 2008

Alabama vs. Auburn Women's Basketball

Sunday Afternoon, Jan. 28th, Tuscaloosa AL
We took Jessica and two of her friends to T-town to
a women's basketball game. Amy met us there.
With tickets only $5.00 each we felt like this was a
College sport we could afford and there was a fairly
nice crowd. I even went dressed in red and white -a first
for me. It was hard to not really cheer for Auburn though
and sadly I didn't really succeed. Auburn's team is
very good (See final score). Our "point guard" - the tallest
woman on the team just about - is very good and
Bonner scored her highest score ever - 27 points
on Sunday. I thought she might want to apply for the
Auburn's men's team because they could use her help.
(See photo her shooting on my photo blog).

The girls had a lot of fun anyway and we ate at some local
"famous" wing place.

I tried to teach them a new cheer but they weren't
interested in learning, "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger.."

We tried to tell Amy she didn't have to come but she did
anyway. Photo is of her reading her book. She did look up
at the game now and then. I rather think she enjoyed it too.

The guy in front of me had the War Eagle shirt on.

Nice friendly crowd. Men's basketball is a lot rowdier.
(Is that a word??). It was nice to SIT for a game...

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