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Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Trip to the Post Office

Today I took a load of books to mail to
the Post Office. When I walked in there was only
one postal clerk there. Fortunately she only had
one customer. Unfortunately before she had finished
waiting on him, seven other people walked in behind me.
She called for help from the back (but I know from past
experience just how quickly sometimes they are to
actually COME from the back) so I started telling
people to go ahead of me as I had a LOT of boxes and
none of them had much of anything - most wanted stamps.
After a couple, a new clerk came out and all moved to her
window....all but one little old lady. I looked at her and she
looked at me. She said, "I just need a stamp." So I said to
her, "Of course, please go ahead of me." So she hands Kay her
"envelope" and Kay puts a stamp on it and tells her, "41 cents".
The lady acts stunned. The little old lady says loudly, "But it's
a post card!" (It didn't appear to be a post card.). Kay tells her
it was folded over and thus needed a letter stamp. Lady fusses that
it SAYS it will mail for post card rate. Kay gives in and takes stamp
off and asks for 26 cents. I'm growing older by the minute waiting.
Lady then says, loudly, "I HAD stamps at home. But I didn't have
Post Card postage so I came to the Post Office to save money. If
I thought I had to pay full price I could have mailed it from home.".
(Now there are no houses near enough to the Post Office that she
could have walked...plus it was like 40 degrees outside and dropping
and raining. SO she had to DRIVE in a car to get TO the Post Office...)
And by now you HAVE to be thinking the same thing Kay and I both
were thinking...Right....


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Emily said...

I can imagine exactly what you were thinking :-)