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Saturday, October 06, 2007

War Eagle

I like football (and many other sports). But I think I love going to Auburn games for other reasons than football. I love the Eagle(s). I added the sidebar youtube videos tonight. Those are of Spirit (War Eagle VI) and she is now retired (but still comes to the games - she just doesn't fly). Nova (War Eagle VII) is now flying. And he's still learning. We went to the New Mexico State game and he didn't quite make it around the stadium. When he spied his goodie on the field down he went so only about half the stadium got to see him fly over - but they released him right above my head so that was cool!

And the band. It was good when I was a student but it's awesome now. I think it must be twice the size it was then. Of course the stadium has grown as well. All of Auburn has grown. The $10,000 bird cage we had for the old War Eagle is gone and a building is there now. They have a new Raptor Center out at the Vet. School for the Eagles. And there is now almost no where to park and when you do find a place they charge you $20.00 to park (but it was worth it).

My friend and former boss, Betty Haisten was still at work at Toomer's Drug. So some things have not changed. It was so good to see her. The rest of the street looks totally different but Toomer's corner remains the same and I suspect it always will as it is an Auburn tradition afterall.

I wanted to go back to college after a trip around campus. Those where the best years of my life.

I loved Auburn!

War Eagle, Chris

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Cynthia said...

*IF* I were to go to a football game it would be to people watch and listen to the band!