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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Visits to a Thrift Store

This is going to become an ongoing thread on my blog.
I shop at Thrift stores for my book business. It is never
boring going to one. So I have decided to record my
experiences. Some are funny, some are everyday and some
are to make me and perhaps you think.
Saturday business was fairly busy on the book aisle
which usually means people can be pushy. The aisles
are not wide enough for more than one buggy - two side
by side will not fit so one must be civil to let others
pass by. I don't know if it's the clientele of Thrift
stores or what but I find that not often will people
yield the right of way. I often just back up and go
around. It's easier.
Yesterday a man in a wheelchair was looking in at the
fiction novels. The novels were packed high - really
overstacked. The man looked and smelled homeless. He
has on a knit hat and had a 3 day growth of grey stubble.
As he pulled a paperback novel off the shelf 5 or 6 other
books tumbled off with it. He couldn't reach them to
pick them up. I was at the end of the aisle - not near
him at the time. There were at least 3 adults near him.
None offered to help him pick them up and in fact
ignored him. Soon they left. He had shuffled his feet
and shoved the dropped paperbacks until they were out of
the way and sort of under the shelves so at least people
wouldn't trip over them. As I neared him with my buggy
(I always have a buggy) I looked at him in the face and
smiled. He smiled back. I think he had 3 teeth. He moved
his chair past me. I casually as I could picked the
dropped books up and put them back on the shelves.
Later I thought I should have done more - what I am not
sure. I KNOW if my daughter had been with me she would
have given him money or perhaps even been inviting him over
for dinner. I need to work on that. But having my
daughter and Jesus has made me more aware of being kind
to all other people. Lately it's easier to be nice to
the homeless type than to those who ignore them.


De'Etta said...

**Lately it's easier to be nice to
the homeless type than to those who ignore them.

Isn't THAT the truth.

And that other comment about the football man is ME - I forgot to see who had logged on last. LOL

Emily said...

I have also noticed that not many people smile when I am out and about. I always make it a point to say hello or to give a smile. Sometimes the people look at me like I am weird for smiling but that's ok. I will keep on smiling!