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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sharing some Fruit

We had Darcy spend the night for the first time this weekend (and Amy was home too). Here she is enjoying Aunt Amy's fruit selections. (Pineapple and mango).
We had a great time but my she is a busy, busy girl. Duane's computer is in our bedroom. About 9 we started TRYING to get her to go to bed (she slept with us). I went to get my pajamas on and when I came out she was sitting at the computer desk looking at the screensaver - which is photos of the family. I said, "Let's go to bed now Darcy." She held up her hand with
index finger pointed up and said, "One more minute please. I have a little more work to do."
Then she grabbed the mouse. I snorted and grabbed her but it WAS a nice try.
She's two going on 21 I think. I'm thinking they really better get ready to homeschool this one
as there isn't a school around ready to handle her!
smiles, Chris


Kristine said...

What I really need to know is WHEN DID THESE CHILDREN get so big?

And Amy is just lovely!

Emily said...

They are both beautiful!

De'Etta said...

Sweet photos! How nice to have both of them at home at the same time.

Cynthia said...

LOL! One more minute... that's my line (LOL).

Jodi said...

So cute!

Yes they should homeschool her.

Maybe not join a co-op though, she reminds me too much of my active, busy, not tired when everyone else is guy when he was that age! LOL