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Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning Has Broken (Grand Canyon Part II)

We left the hotel about 5:30 AM. The sun was due to rise at 6:06 AM (and it did). There were a couple of hundred people (that we could see) at the Grand Canyon when we got there - all spread out and ready to get the best photos they could get. We joined them. It was so quiet and a bit cool. It was almost like "church". Then Heather broke the spell. "Why is everyone SO quiet?" And many chuckled. "Are we going to clap when the sun comes up?" And then we laughed.
And then I noticed Michael had disappeared. I was not about to look around for him. I was determined to enjoy the sunrise without a heart attack. It was nearing time. A few people had to turn about this time in the opposite direction of the sun and start pointing. I STILL did not look. The sun rose (see top photo). It was beautiful. As the crowd started to disperse Michael came bounding back. A few asked him, "Was it hard getting out on that ledge?" (I knew I shouldn't have looked!). He replied, "Hard is relative." (or something like that) and I told them not to try it. (And I didn't even want to know where he went.).
It WAS beautful!
As you drive out to the Grand Canyon there is nothing to remarkable about the scenery - oh, it's nice desert scenery. I was beginning to wonder about this "hole in the ground" we had drive 6 hours to see. Then you make the entrance and there are no words to describe it.
We've been to Niagra Falls and that's the closest I think I can say to the wonder we saw here.


Kristine said...

Did you READ that Grand Canyon book that Liz talked about? Better yet, did Michael? LOL.

Stunning pictures, I've seen ones like that but in magazines, and I didn't know that it would be that easy for regular people to get the same effect. WOW!!!!!!

My dad's heading to the north rim in a few weeks--he's not read the book either, haha.

Diann said...

Great pictures! They look professional and I am sooo impressed.

Diann from SHS

De'Etta said...

Amazing photos! I'm impressed.

Kathy in WA said...

Stunning pictures! Love the title of the post. Great is His handiwork!!

Duckabush Blog

Cynthia said...

It is amazing, isn't it! We've only been there 1 time, but I still remember how grand it was!