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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Paper Art

Amy has been interning with Georgia Tech at
their Paper Making Museum (http://www.ipst.gatech.edu/amp/) this summer.
She recently has been presented the opportunity
to make an art piece to enter in a traveling exhibit
with Kyoko Ibe who currently has pieces on
exhibit in Atlanta.
She made the paper (all of it) above and has
done the art and prints (above prints are not
yet finished). She is basing the work on a book
by a relative of ours, Dr. Horace Danner "Out
of the Cotton Fields and Into the Classroom" and
it will include quotes from his book. (See Amazon.com
for his book). The church and cotton and oak tree are
all from Elamville AL - homeplace of the Brocks and
Danners. Paper is dyed with red clay.
I'm a scientist type. My daughter is clearly an
artist type. God has a sense of humor!


Kristine said...

Chris, this is lovely. I'd love to hear more about the whole process, from the papermaking through the printing.

My 12yodd claims to hate doing art. I'm planning to use Artistic Pursuits with her (and without my younger ds) this coming school year in an effort to cultivate some confidence in her. It will also be a nice time for us to spend alone time several sessions a week at the end of the school day.

Hey, I'm neither artistic NOR scientific! Dh will be taking over science with her, using Rainbow.

Lisa in Jax said...

It's beautiful! I would really like to know how it's done also. I'm crafty but not artistic. Scientific but not mathematic.LOL

De'Etta said...

These are beautiful. I would love to see her finished product. I tried to make paper once...but it didn't look anything like Amy's. LOL

My Wild Backyard said...

The pictures are nice, They look realistic.