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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Chemistry Year is starting soon

Rumors of the danger in my classes have been greatly exaggerated. I'm sure nothing bad will happen this year. And I have my fire extinguisher at all times just in case. Chris aka Pax


solopoesie said...

Complimenti che belle immagine che hai postato Who sà how many beautiful things you have written in this blog.
Sin that I do not understand your language, I love the reading very, but putroppo I understand only a P2o of lngles and see that in blogger not there are Italian, and do not understand the reason, however mine blog and only poetries,
sure the poetries not piacciono to all, but if you come to visit it and me lasci a salute you would make me happy: … YOU COME I EXPECTED CIAOOO!!! LINA

De'Etta said...

LOL This is so funny!

My Wild Backyard said...

Can we come to your science classes to watch the fire if there is any?

LisaWA said...

I love Beaker! Oh the childhood memories! LOL

That was great! I would love to be in your class.... kids too! *Ü*


from shs

Kristine said...

LOVE the photo, lol!