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Friday, August 24, 2007

Crime Scene Chemistry

If you read "The Joy of Chemistry" by the same
authors (I know you did - by the pool
last summer, right??) and liked
it, you'll enjoy this new book as well.
Or if you are doing Forensic Science
this year - you NEED this book! LOTS of
hands on science in this one. And the
authors tell you where to get the stuff you
need for the experiments and they are not
goofy experiments - they are very good
experiments. I used quite a few of
"The Joy of Chemistry" experiments in both
my Chemistry and Advanced Chemistry classes last year and
I'll be trying a few of these this year. This is real life science and
the kids always like having practical applications to "science" stuff.
Not to mention that CSI is still popular (even though I'm not sure anyone
under say 80 should be watching it. No, I take that back.
When my MIL watches with me and wants me to explain
what a certain character has done or is doing and I get embarrassed well...okay...um...sometimes I'm grateful her seeing isn't so good.
I DO like the science on the show. Really. And I do hope Sara is alive.
Okay you have to have watched the last show of last season to know
what I'm talking about now..)

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