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Saturday, August 09, 2008

It's Getting Closer and Closer

It's getting close - SIX more days!!

And then at 6 PM next Saturday, Amy and Matthew will be wed at
Holy Trinity-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church. Yep. A Greek Wedding.
But no one will be Fat. (But I think EVERYONE has seen "My Big Fat
Greek Wedding" and has asked us about every detail - some I've had to
watch the movie over again to catch. And no, we did not buy them a

They have printed programs to explain the very meaningful service
and I think this will help.

I THINK we've remembered everything and just praying now it all comes
together and all the flights make it here okay and all the dresses fit
perfectly and shoes and hairdos. And no one is sick etc.

And children are cute. Oh wait that goes without saying. They are cute!

And no! There will be NO SPITTING. (and if you are one of the FEW who
have not seen the movie I guess you'll just have to see it now).

Or lambs - we're doing vegetarian at the reception (really vegetarian - no
lambs!). But Greek style vegetarian with lots of Baklava.

Birmingham has a very large Greek population and I think ALL the restaurants
are owned by Greeks so it wasn't hard at all to get it catered. Plus they
all go to this church. So there you go!

And this week is also both my DIL's birthdays AND my dear Sister, Patty's
rather memorable 50th birthday. Now, I think it would be LOADS of fun to
stop and sing a "Happy Birthday" tune to them sometime during the ceremony
but Amy is saying no. Maybe at least a cake at the reception.

Phew...I'm getting nervous..


Cynthia said...

How EXCITING! I can't wait to see the wedding pics.

Berry Patch said...

Congrats to Amy! What an exciting time for everyone! :-) I'm interested to hear the detail of their Greek wedding since I really love that movie. ;-) No spitting here in Maine though! LOL

De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Thinking of you all and waiting to see photos. LOL I remember photos of the boys' weddings.