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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Clements Family History

I was posting books for sale the other night when I started to post a novel on "Bacon's Rebellion" - a preview of the War of Independence that happened in Virginia. I recalled reading long ago that one of my Clements ancestors might have
been involved in that rebellion so I got sidetracked and started web surfing. (Yes, I did find that John Clements was the Commander in Chief of the Rebellion.).

Since the Jamestown project more has been posted on the web on the Clements and it
has been fun reading. (I think people, in general, are more aware of their
ancestry and are posting more and more!)

Anyway, look what I found! (Above photo!) That is (I think) my grandfather's dad's
brother and he had TWINS..Photo is dated 1900 in Blount County AL (so that is
right from my grandfather Ollie Clements).

I've also heard via the family grapevine since I was a child that somehow we
are related to Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens - the Clements family tree - some
spell it Clements, some Clement, some Clemens - some in the SAME family root!)
Well, I found the family tree showing how we are related too.

Needless to say I got little book work done the other night..but it was fun

I also found more on Michael Upchurch (who also came over early on - my
grandmother's first ancestor in 1634 from England. Apparently he wrote lots
of letters home and they just found them!)

smiles, Chris

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