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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

He's a Sgt. now (this was a graduation from Boot Camp photo with wife, Heather).

I'm also the Proud Daughter of an Army Vet (just don't have any photos of Dad in
Dad served in the Navy during WWII, losing part of a finger because he didn't
get it out of the way quick enough when the gunner closed to fire on his destroyer.
He says he shot it at the Japanese (along with dozens of other great stories
he's told the grandkids on how he lost his finger - none of which are true.
Trying to get above son LONG ago to quit sucking his finger he told him he
"sucked it off". Michael looked at him wide eyed (age 3) but refused to quit
sucking his fingers. He doesn't do that anymore though!).
After WWII, Dad came home and joined the Army Reserves. He stayed in it
until the Korean War when he was called up again. He served throughout the
Korean conflict - serving at the end in China. He's led an interesting life.
He also, in between, served during the Navy time in the Atomic Bomb trials.
He has suffered cancer as a result. (That cancer was pronounced cured some years
ago but he suffers the effects still).
Heroes...they are all heroes.
May we pause to remember all of them.

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De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

Great post, Chris. I love the photo of Michael and Heather....they remain in my prayers.