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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Incredible Egg Drog Contest

The rules were easy - the lightest contraption that holds a raw egg in which the egg does not break when dropped from the second story of the church where we meet wins.
I also awarded a prize for most creative invention. So we had all kinds of entries this year.
I think the most creative packing material used this year was jello. A bit messy to get the egg out of to check afterwards but the egg emerged unbroken!
The lightest overall was the styrofoam cup and straws. The "Mary Poppins" look was a nice touch I thought but was pretty heavy. Diapers worked well too.
Ryan's childhood? bear served well (also very heavy) but we watched and watched as he unstuffed and unstuffed to find the egg. I was beginning to think there was really no egg in there but finally the egg was found unbroken.
Temperance and Kathleen were happy with their bubble wrapped unbroken egg.
Several tried parachutes (it was a tad windy but not too windy so they sort of
worked). Packing peanuts worked again too. Abby's was pretty - and worked well too.
I have to say Andrew's idea of a controlled drop was great BUT was fudging the rules so I had to disqualify him (awarded points for creativity). It was a simple and elegant idea but the two person control defeated the idea of "egg drop!".

Only a few eggs broke so I think the kids have this thing figured out - next time I'll have tough rules!


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This looks like great fun!

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