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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Suppose you wanted to visit Pluto (since it happens to be a LONG way away from Earth)
(And I know it is no longer a planet but let's just pretend you still want to see it!) - and you hop on your handy space ship (you do have one right?) and it goes 1,000 km/hour (since I only do metric in my class). You will arrive in 684.9 years.
Slightly wrinkled. Hope you packed enough food.

Now MAYBE you decide to travel on to Alpha Centauri C (the nearest star to our solar system). It is a mere 40 trillion km away (rounded off) - or 4.21 light years. Pack a LOT of food since that trip will take you 4,566,210 years.

Einstein proved (with math) that you can't travel faster than the speed of light (sorry). So I have you traveling about the speed of a fast jet.

Now E.T. MIGHT go a bit faster. Maybe. Anyway IF E.T. has figured out a way to get to Earth to visit - a big IF - WHY would he use that intelligence to then spend his time peeking in windows in Nebraska? (See news story). Just asking.
Pax aka Chris

PS Of course I have been worried ever since I read this story that my son
has made E.T. puppets and has been visiting homes playing practical jokes.
And if he's reading this - STOP IT NOW before you end up in trouble!

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