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Monday, July 09, 2007

Teaching CSI in High School
Start with "Crime Scene Investigations - Real
Life Labs, Grades 6-12" by Pam Walker (available
from Home Science Tools.com).

I then added other books like:
"The Casebook of Forensic Detection-
How Science Solved 100 of the World's
Most Baffling Crimes" by Colin Evans
for case Studies.

I used "The Forensice Science of
C.S.I." by Katherine Ramsland to
tie into the shows but no, I did NOT
require or even suggest the students
watch the shows (some did, some didn't).

DK has a visual book - "Crime Scene - The
Ultimate Guide to Forensic Science".

As you go to Amazon (or whereever) to
check these books out you'll be linked
to tons more books. There are high school
texts out now as well if you want a text

All the science supply companies now
have forensic lab kits now.
I discovered fingerprinting is not as
easy as it looks.
It's neat to compare hair under a good
microscope (be sure to include animal
It's fun to lift footprints with dental
It's fun to use super glue to fume for
fingerprints but again - a bit tricky.
The kids were always wanting to watch
clips of CSI but I had to edit

I love the science of CSI but it's not
as realistic as life (well, maybe it's
because we didn't have the expensive
equipment! That's it!)


Lisa in Jax said...

I'm saving this. My son loves this kind of stuff and I can see him doing this on his own.lol Thank you for posting it!

Kristine said...

Hmm. It sounds like would be fun. I'm saving this in case one of my kids is interested down the road . . . Thanks for posting!