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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Old Time Pharmacy

"One stop the kids will love, the Barnes Soda Fountain, offers a look into a 1930's era drug store soda fountain, and begins the "Pause that Refreshes" Gallery. The soda fountain is a reproduction of one from Baxley, Georgia, where Caroline Miller wrote her 1934 Pulitzer Prize novel Lamb in his Bosom and comes complete with an old-fashioned "soda jerk". Kids get to sit at the fountain in groups while the soda jerk has fun creating the Coca-Cola treats of a bygone age. The gallery theme continues by using a 1930's vintage Wurlitzer juke-box that plays Coca-Cola songs and radio ads of the era."

I worked at Barnes Drug Store in Baxley Georgia in 1977 until 1980 (when I had my first

son, Matthew). I was the first "woman" pharmacist in Baxley, GA. (Made the paper there).

Next few "blogs" are going to be on pharmacy memories. I'll always have a soft spot for Barnes - south Georgia is a gentle place. Tommy Barnes gave me a job when no one else would at the time (I didn't yet have my license - just graduated from Auburn. Duane had taken at job at the power plant there between Vidalia and Baxley.). Tommy was a great boss. His son, Mark, was in school at time and is now the owner I believe.

The Old Coca Cola Museum had a part of Barne's history in it (see above).
Now aren't you glad you asked.


De'Etta said...

I want to go back and live in this photo. LOL

Kristine said...

I'm looking forward to your reminisces!