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Monday, March 19, 2007

Now Reading: (Almost finished).

I was somewhat of a ghost in high school
(attending 3 different high schools it was
hard to make contacts). I doubt many even
remember me.

But reading this novel has been so eye-

What is the FIRST thing you think of
when you think of your high school
experience? (Author asks this in the

I remember, as a Senior in Math class,
the day "Senior Who's Whos" were posted.
Mr. Bradbury, the teacher, point blank and
with NO warning said to me (in front of
the class), "You didn't make the list".
I had no expectation of making the list.
I've wondered for years what made him say
this. I was an "A" student and math
and science came easily for me (this
does not win you any Brownie points in
high school).

As I thought of this I understood
(somewhat) the "victim" in "Nineteen
Minutes". I wasn't bullied though.
I was ignored.


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Kristine said...

Okay, I'm requesting from my library. Thanks, Chris!