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Sunday, March 25, 2007

We went to ride Thomas
the Tank Engine - with
Darcy now two years old.
She was tired but enjoyed
it almost as much as we


Jodi said...

Great pictures. Those twins look so much like their daddy now, I can't believe they are almost 1. Too funny that Darcy liked thomas almost as much as her grandparents.

For your post below what do you remember most from highschool...nuns, scary ones! Fun extracurricular stuff, spprts and theater. I hardly remember the academics at all! Which says to me that maybe HS'ing high school will not be as difficult as I think. if they misbehave I shall dress up like a scary nun and give them the evil eye! Pretty bad what that teacher said to you. I didn't have that type of experience with the regular subject teachers but my drivers ed teacher was not very kind to me and laughed about my driving skills...though maybe I deserved it!

Berry Patch said...

I took my two older ones to see Thomas a couple years ago. They loved it! Love the photos of the twins birthday too. Too cute!!!

De'Etta said...

Darcy is such a sweetie!Love this photo.