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Monday, February 19, 2007


I love to read about politics (it runs
in my family. We were Republican here in
Alabama during the reign of George Wallace.
Not a popular thing to be..)

But this election - I am so not excited.
Who is running that is worth voting
for thus far??

Democrats -
Hillary - she who would rule
the world if she could. Strikes me as
a "let them eat cake" mentality. All
talk and no substance. Wants power though.
Craves power. Makes me worry..

Obama - who KNOWS what the man stands for?
What little I know I don't like. And with
a name like Barack Hussein Obama um...
right. He is consistently very liberal in
his voting record.

Republicans -
McCain - he is now vocally Pro-life. Right.
Maybe so. He's also anti first amendment
(see McCain-Feingold). He's seeks to appease
everyone and that just isn't possible.

Rudy- hum, maybe so. But his social record
isn't that great. He is a leader and he has
that going for him.

Romney- from Mass. Right. Maybe if he'd
consider moving and changing from Mormon
to take your pick he'd be at least worth

SO thus FAR - after careful consideration
I want to propose my own nominee for
President in 2008 -


Kristine said...

Oh, definitely take a LOOK at Ted Tancredo from Colorado. As far as I know, he's by far and above the best possibility out there . . . http://tancredo4prez.blogspot.com/

Jodi said...

You mean Rob and Amber aren't running for Prez? I thought sure they were since they're in every other race. LOL