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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I teach high school homeschoolers in a co-op
type setting once a week (it's like getting paid
for having fun!). I teach Physical Science,
Chemistry and Advanced (AP) Chemistry.
I've done this for nearly 10 years now.
SO my now 11 year old granddaughter, who attends
a private school, comes in a few weeks back
and asks me for Science Project advice.
Since I was just about to start the annual
Bridge Building Contest in Physical Science
and had the balsa wood, rules, glue etc out
already I suggested a comparison of types of
bridges and how much load each would hold. She
seemed happy with that and turned the idea in to
her teacher. Said teacher then informs her that
Bridge building is NOT science. She tells him that
her grandmother (man, that makes me feel old typing
that) gave her the idea and that she teaches science.
He asked, "Where" and she told him to a group of
homeschoolers. He replied, "OHHHHHHH" (like that
explains that.) When she told me this my blood went
to a quick boil.
I sent her back loaded with material on the science
of forces and Bridge building. His only comment
then was, "This is too much information".
I did try to tell her we could come up with another
topic (I do LOVE Chemistry) but no, she is now
determined to build Bridges.

I wonder what is science in his 6th grade class.

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Bridge building isn't science? Oh, wait. This is a quote from a ps science teacher. OOOOOHHHHHHH, that explains everything!

snicker, snicker