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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Babysitting before Christmas

I gave Darcy a magnifying glass that I had used in Biology class. She said (and I quote) "This is the best tool I've ever had." and proceeded to exam everything she could find in the house.
I'm not sure the cat liked it so much. Anyway it did keep her entertained most of the day and
I told her a microscope had to be next.
The boys were more interested in doing the "cannonball" off the coffee table onto my stomach.
I tried hard to discourage this but that just seemed to fuel their desire to do it more. Finally
they gave out of steam and laid down on their sofa. For about 5 minutes.
I do not know how my DIL survives day after day of this. But I do love them dearly. I just wish
I had some of their energy. Also I think a bit of Christmas is in the air (I know Darcy is very aware of this anyway. Tonight she offered to come over and help wrap her presents from us. Now how thoughtful is that?)
smiles, Chris


De'Etta @ Choosing Joy said...

They're dolls! I love Darcy trying out her new tool. She's precious.

As for the energy....I also am amazed at your dil - but I would remind you she is quite a bit younger than you. ::snort::

Beth said...

the twins are getting so big! Is you DIL still considering homeschooling?