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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Time for the Peeps

The first Peep met his fate in 1M HCl (gastric acid strength).
The second Peep met his fate in 18M Sulfuric Acid. This did cook the sugar
coating into a black carbon uck factor.
The third Peep bobbed happily in Acetone and the fourth bobbed almost as
happily in Lye.

As usual none of the Peeps dissolved over the 2 hour period of time.

Now do YOU want to eat one of these?


De'Etta said...

NEVER! LOL Just don't do any experiements on chocolate! Ok?

Southern Belle said...

HA! My middle ds saw the experiment and I said Never! He said, he would still eat 'em. He loves anything with sugar and loves marshmallows. Hopefully one day he will understand :sigh:

Beth in GA